Find Out What Your

Symptoms Are Telling You!

Functional Nutritionist
Board Certified Structural Integrator​

Over about 10 years, I went to several doctors of all kinds who had no real answers or solutions to my
problems. Deep down, I knew there had to be another way to heal from the inside out, so I took control, and
found the answers!

Raman Magay


Functional Nutritionist
Board Certified Structural Integrator​

There are many paths to health and well-being. I have used a combination of several modalities of bodywork, along with nutrition, lifestyle modifications, supplements, and movement (strength training, yoga, cycling, running) to heal my own body from the many symptoms and stressors that had compromised my health starting at a very young age.

*Restorative Wellness Solutions is a comprehensive functional nutrition, certification for qualified health professionals.

Find Out What Your Symptoms Are Telling You!

Functional Nutrition


I had been struggling with digestive symptoms for
years that were taking me out and getting in the
way of living my life normally. As an athlete, I was
struggling with performance, pain, and energy.
I am so happy and content with where I am after
working with Raman. My energy levels have
improved, my skin has changed and my acne is
gone, I have no more pain during and after

Structural Integration


So much has changed from that first session. A
year has gone by and I feel 20 years younger and
2” taller. From my hips that were locked, my chest
that needed to be opened up, walking correctly,
breathing, using correct posture with a purpose
you’ve been my miracle worker.



I didn’t enjoy practicing yoga until I took a class
with Raman! Her approach is to meet you where
you are and then help your progress at your own
pace. She really helped me understand the
benefits of breathing and getting to know and
understand my body and what it needs especially
in times of stress and much-needed rest and

My Story

As a child, I hated to exercise or play sports. I ate a lot of sugar and other refined foods with little to no nutritional value. Later in my teens, I was prescribed exogenous hormones and over the next 12-18 months senior year of high school and into college, I gained excess weight, felt depleted of energy, and developed acne on my face. My doctors told me that there was nothing to worry about and that everything was as it should be. “It’s the stress of school and the freshman 15. It happens to everyone.” That didn’t feel like a very supportive diagnosis or advice.
In college, I began to exercise in hopes of losing the excess weight. To my surprise, in addition to losing weight, it also helped me alleviate stress and my emotional eating. Later in my 30s, the weight returned and I began having lots of digestive issues, body aches, and pains in my hips and lower extremities, I developed plantar fasciitis, migraines, eczema, and uncomfortable periods.
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